No Detour

Magda Martine - Vocals
Chris Cosbey - Drums
Fil Lorenz - Sax
Dave Bendigheit - Trumpet
Steve Fowler- Double bass
Denny Berthiaume - Pianist & Musical Director

Produced by Chris Cosbey - © AOHMusic 2010
Mastered @ Ace of Hearts Music Studios
by Magda Martine and Chris Cosbey
Recorded @ Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA August 2010
CD design by Nancy Calef
Photographs by Yvonne Kerno

No Detour
"Martine’s latest album, No Detour, is a labor of love that powerfully encapsulates her deep-seated affection for the genre. Martine’s voice is spellbindingly versatile, easily transitioning from one tone to the next; you get the sense that Martine means every line that she is singing. Martine is in top form on “No Detour,” but she refuses to become complacent. “I am continuously studying the music and great singers who have done it so long ago when they were the real originals,” Martine explained. “I am working on staying in the zone and being one with the musicians and the music.”
          Leslie Connors - Jazz Times

Jazz Times Interview 6/22/11- see article
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Magda Martine & Chris Cosbey Trio
Ken Muir - Piano
Steve Fowler - Upright Bass
Chris Cosbey - Drums

Magda will perform her latest outing No Detour

Magda Martine Fantasy Studios
Band Photo

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