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“The first time I experienced live jazz (at an early age) it kind of put me In a trance. It just drew me inside of it transforming me to a new place within myself I had not known before. It was enticing and magical. It changed me. The passion has never left and I have been privileged to participate throughout the years within the space of the observer. This music I now present, represents my attempt of digging into the space and becoming a full participant in the magic and my love for jazz.” Magda Martine.

Magda Martine grew up in Detroit where Baker’s Keyboard was the big jazz club, and was her oasis from the day-to-day struggles one has as a teenager. She witnessed performances by all the greats like Bill Evans, the Jones Brothers, Yusef Lateef, etc. Later she moved to Los Angeles and continued her studies in the arts where she received acting and performance coaching at the Pasadena Playhouse. During this time Magda got to frequent the local clubs – The Lighthouse and Shelly’s Manhole just to name two. During that time she says “Miles took me aside and with that voice of his said to me ‘Live inside your music is the only way to go,” which made a great impact on her. Magda got to witness more greats there.

After living full out in L.A. Magda Martine moved to San Francisco at the height of the west coast jazz era where she met and became good friends with Bill Evans. She says “We’d hang out and talk all night at Conrad’s houseboat in Larkspur. Listening to Bill was like going to church!” Magda worked at the jazz clubs Basin Street West and Both And meeting and making friends with many of the jazz greats we hear today. During all this time she worked and raised a family, always staying involved in the music. Now it’s time for her to give it all back and I believe on this outing she does it quite well!

Magda Martine

Chris Cosbey Drums       
Fantasy Studios
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