No Detour

Produced by Chris Cosbey - © AOHMusic 2010
Mastered @ Ace of Hearts Music Studios
by Magda Martine and Chris Cosbey
Recorded @ Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA August 2010
CD design by Nancy Calef
Photographs by Yvonne Kerno
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No Detour
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Magda Martine - Vocals
Chris Cosbey - Drums
Fil Lorenz - Sax
Dave Bendigheit - Trumpet
Steve Fowler- Double bass
Denny Berthiaume - Pianist & Musical Director
Special thank you to Chris Cosbey for his kind support and
generosity in the process of this creation.

Magda Martine


Chris Cosbey drums

    1. Gypsy In My Soul                           3:49 listen now
    2. Softly As In The Morning Sunrise   3:06
    3. Detour Ahead                                5:36 listen now
    4. Lulllaby Of The Leaves                  4:30
    5. All Or Nothing At All                       4:21
    6. Love Walked In                             4:48
    7. Sleeping Bee                                 4:40
    8. Whisper Not                                  4:39
listen now

Fil Lorenz
      Dave Bendigheit trumpet

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